w+n exists to deliver seminal and indelible interiors for the luxury market
optimistic visionaries

led by optimistic visionaries who speak the same design lexicon, reggi nichols and andrea waldrop have accomplished success within the hospitality industry for over three decades. with diverse backgrounds encompassing two hemispheres, both declare design as a lifestyle and define success as continually collaborating and authoring new hotel experiences with notable clients and brands. both strive for opportunities that lead the firm into four and five star hospitality, f+b, luxury high-rise design and branding.

spirit of kinship

the firm unites in a spirit of kinship with design as the magnetic force driving talent, experience and a fearless spirit to revolutionize design. continually shifting the focus, the firm orchestrates bold design aesthetics that engage intelligently with guests through an edited study of interior architecture, materials, technology, and art. every design environment created provides an original platform that stirs a guest to engage and embrace the essence of the interior, delivering an aesthetic enveloped in refined luxury.

the firm connects human emotion with interior architecture by absorbing information, highly collaborative and spirited dialogues, and months of research and exploration. the spirit of innovation manifesting into reality is the heart of the brand.